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This comprehensive supervised toothbrushing programme has been developed by the Oral Health Foundation to advise nursery and school staff on how they can help children to brush their teeth properly.

Brush Time is suitable for all children of all ages in both part-time and full-time education and care, and is freely downloadable. Amongst a huge range of information the programme includes important guidance on the type of toothpaste which should be used for children of certain ages, how to properly brush teeth, how to store toothbrushes between use to avoid infection as well as frequently asked questions about children's dental hygiene.

The programme supports our position as an authority on dental health and promotes some of our key messages; regular daily brushing with an appropriate fluoride toothpaste is highly effective in preventing dental decay and good oral hygiene practice should be established at an early stage in a child's life and become an integral part of normal daily hygiene.

BrushTime is a fantastic opportunity for educators and dental professionals alike to help young children understand the importance of good oral health and can really help spread the message of good tooth brushing behaviour.


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