Medical conditions and oral health' booklets

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This brochure talks about various medical conditions that may affect dental health such as heart conditions, diabetes and HIV.

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This pack of 50 'Medical Conditions and Oral Health' leaflets comes with a cartoon image on the front page and answers the following questions: 
  • Will I need to tell my dentist if I have a medical condition?
  • Is this information confidential?
  • What if I am taking any medicines?
  • Will my dental team contact my doctor?
  • How often should I visit my dentist?
  • Will I need to be treated in hospital?
  • Will I need a general anaesthetic?
  • Are there any medical conditions that could affect my mouth?
  • What other medicines cause a dry mouth?
  • What might happen if I have a heart complaint, a heart murmur or rheumatic fever?
  • Is there a link between gum problems and heart disease?
  • How can my dentist help if I have asthma?
  • What if I am taking warfarin?
  • Should I tell my dentist if I am taking anti-depressant drugs?
  • What will happen if I have haemophilia?
  • I have anaemia, can this affect my dental health?
  • Why might I be tested for sickle cell anaemia?
  • Can a dentist refuse to treat me if I have HIV or hepatitis?
  • Will HIV affect my oral health?
  • Will diabetes affect my teeth and gums?
  • Will epilepsy interfere with my dental treatment?
  • How can my dental team help if I have diabetes?
  • Will chemotherapy affect my dental treatment?
  • Should I tell my dentist if I am allergic to anything?
  • Will I need to tell my dental team if I am pregnant?
All our leaflets are 'Approved' for Plain English by the Word Centre, making them very patient-friendly.

They are presented in a simple Q&A format and are one of the most economic ways to ensure your patient has the correct information available. 


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