Bridges and partial dentures leaflets

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There are various options available when replacing missing teeth such as bridges and partial dentures.

This leaflet highlights why a patient should replace their missing teeth and discusses the options they could consider. 

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The leaflet is presented with a cartoon image on the front page and answers the following questions: 
  • Why should I replace missing teeth?
  • How are missing teeth replaced?
  • What is a partial denture?
  • What is the difference between a plastic partial denture and one that contains metal?
  • How do I choose the best type for me?
  • Can I have a bridge fitted straight after having a tooth removed?
  • How do I look after my denture?
  • Should I take my denture out at night?
  • What is the alternative to a partial denture?
  • Can I always have a bridge to replace missing teeth?
  • What are bridges made of?
  • What will a bridge cost?
  • How do I look after my bridge?
  • Are there other methods for fixing false teeth?
  • Can I have teeth which attach to the jawbone?
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All our leaflets are 'Approved' for Plain English by the Word Centre, making them very patient-friendly.

They are presented in a simple Q&A format and are one of the most economic ways to ensure your patient has the correct information available. 

We also have this leaflet, with the same content, available with a photographic image on the front: Bridges and Partial Dentures (Prestige).


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